YaYa Prosecco D.o.C, Spumante  

Prosecco D.o.C,
Spumante Brut

Enjoy the taste of 100% Glera grape, YaYa’s Prosecco Spumante D.O.C Brut sparkling Wine from the region of Treviso, Italy. YaYa’s Prosecco has the aromas and flavors of ripe apples, citrus and white peaches with a gentle mid palate that is crisp in character, full length and elegant taste. Salute!!


Excellent as an aperitif, this wine can accompany the whole meal, from delicate rice and pasta dishes through to fruit desserts. Celebrate!

11% alcohol

Region: Treviso, Italy
Our vineyards are situated on gentle hillside slopes in the Treviso province. Vines are Cordon trained and density is 4-5,000 plants per hectare.